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They want to implement FULL Decriminalisation of Prostitution in South Africa.

This will legalise every aspect of the sale of sexual services.

Stop the Government from implementing Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution in South Africa

- PARTIAL Decriminalisation is the ONLY way to Protect the Vulnerable & Prosecute those who Exploit them -

South Africa, did you know...

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development’s draft Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Bill, 2022 (the Bill) proposes repealing (1) the Sexual Offences (previously Immorality) Act, 1957 in its entirety, and (2) section 11 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 2007. (View Draft Bill)

In a nutshell, this means that prostitution the buying and selling of sexual services by persons 18 years and older and all prostitution related activities such as brothels, pimping, soliciting, advertising sexual services, etc. will become legal.

The Bill is currently open for Public Comment until 31 January 2023.

Please raise your voice, stand with SALE!SA and vote AGAINST FULL Decriminalisation in South Africa.


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Why we prefer PARTIAL Decriminalisation instead of FULL Decriminalisation

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Full Decriminalisation of all Prostituted Persons

Protecting those whose vulnerability is exploited, abused and used. This will also protect them from corruption, abuse and exploitation by law enforcement.


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Create EXIT Programmes for Prostituted Persons

Offering those who are abused in the System of Prostitution a dignified living in other fields.


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Lowering the Demand for Sexual Services (which will also decrease sex trafficking)

 By making it harder to buy sex, the demand will be lowered and fewer people will be recruited & exploited.

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Full Criminalisation of Exploiters, Sex Buyers, Pimps, Brothel-Keepers & Traffickers

Those that prey on the vulnerability of others for their own gain or gratification need to be held accountable.


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Change Mindsets through Prevention, Training & Education

By implementing prevention programmes; educating the exploiters themselves on the harm they are doing; and offering training as an alternative route to the vulnerable; we can abolish prostitution.


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We are a collective dedicated to eradicating Sexual Exploitation in South Africa, which includes Prostitution.

Together we oppose the Full Decriminalisation (and potential Legalisation) of Prostitution, based on the lived experiences of Prostituted Persons, Survivors of the System of Prostitution, and so-called ‘workers’ in the System of Prostitution, as confirmed by independent research evidence.


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The Partial Decriminalisation approach to prostitution (sometimes also known as the Equality, Abolitionist, End Demand, or the Swedish Model) decriminalises all those who are prostituted, provides support services to help them exit, and makes buying people for sex a criminal offence, in order to reduce the demand that drives sex trafficking.

This approach has now been adopted in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Canada, France, Ireland, and Israel.


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"For every woman and girl violently attacked, we reduce our humanity. For every woman forced into unprotected sex because men demand this, we destroy dignity and pride. Every woman who has to sell her life for sex we condemn to a lifetime in prison. For every moment we remain silent, we conspire against our women."

- Nelson Mandela


Full Decriminalisation

Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution will have serious negative effects in South Africa. Understand the concept of Full Decrim and why it will not work.

- What is Full Decriminalisation
- The negative impacts it will have
- Know which areas will be affected


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SA Government

The South African Government wants to implement Full Decriminalisation - WITHOUT taking the following into considerations..

- The International & Domestic Obligations they have
- Invalid Reasons which are in fact myths they believe
- Talking to those who know the industry the best, the SURVIVORS


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Educate yourself on Partial & Full Decriminalisation. See why we are calling on the Government to implement Partial instead of Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution.

- Articles
- Videos
- Research
- Reports
- Posters
- Links

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This is one of those times we cannot ignore the call to raise our voices and say NO to the Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution.

You, your family, your loved ones, your communities and those who cannot speak for themselves need you to have your say.

Utilise your networks, connections and friends. Get as many as you can to say NO!


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