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The New Zealand TIP Report (2022)

Dr. M. van der Watt

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2022 was the second consecutive year that New Zealand (held up as the torchbearer for full decriminalisation) was rated on Tier 2. This is noteworthy and historic when considering its continuous Tier 1 rating over the years. The extracts below from the NZ TIP Report, and considering the SA context, is critical to keep in mind as these are not explicated when this model is proposed for South Africa. A question that should be asked is 'How will this play out when modelled in South Africa?'

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Decriminalisation of the sex trade vs. The Nordic Model BOOKLET

What you need to know about Full Decriminalisation & Partial Decriminalisation.

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Review of the Decriminalisation Model in New Zealand

Stand Against Sexual Exploitation (
Helen Johnson & Tony Pitt

In 2003, New Zealand changed their laws on prostitution to decriminalise every aspect of the industry. The international community has been fascinated by this policy change and it has been widely lauded as a success. This report interrogates this assumption and demonstrates that there is a huge gap between the reputation of the law and the actual impact of the law itself.

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10 Reasons to Oppose Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Confronting disastrous public policy normalising sex buyers, pimps and brothel keepers

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Child trafficking and children in South Africa’s sex trade: Evidence, undercounting and obfuscations

Dr Marcel van der Watt, 2020

The article focuses on child trafficking and children in the sex trade. A complex and nuanced perspective replaces number counting and simplicity, with the author’s proximity to the study phenomena over the past 18 years serving to string the disconnected ‘pieces’ together. South Africa’s Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act 7 of 2013 is discussed as the yardstick for determining what is trafficking and what is not, followed by an overview of available literature and media reports.

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Germany & New Zealand: A Comparison in Prostitution Laws

Coalition Againts Trafficking in Women (CATW International)

Germany - Legalising Prostitution  |  New Zealand - Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution

Extractions from the document:

"Both countries have drastically narrowed their legal definitions of sexual exploitation by third parties, raising the standard of proof for coercion and requiring difficult-to-obtain victim testimony, making the prosecution of pimps and traffickers nearly impossible.

Through sketchy book-keeping and by avoiding work contracts, third parties frequently take more than half of prostituted people's earnings and otherwise violate the legal limits of "managing."

The rate of convictions for sex trafficking in Germany is low and decreasing, while New Zealand has not convicted a single sex trafficker since passing it's 2003 law.

In both countries, this trend coincided with a strong increase in undocumented migrants who are especially vulnerable to exploitation and have extra barriers to reporting abusers. The power imbalance tips in favor of thirdparty profiteers."

"Both laws, however, expand the sex trade, empower sex buyers, legitimize pimps and brothel owners, and increase sex trafficking."

"Germany is dubbed "the brothel of Europe" by the media, and recognized internationally for enabling organized crime and systematic dehumanization of women. In 2017, the government acknowledges its failure and tightens regulations."

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