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"Prostituted Persons dream of a life free from oppression, patriarchy and economic inequalities – a life where we have access to a wider array of dignified and decent employment options – where they can participate as citizens – and where they can exercise their rights as human beings, not as a key population of so called “sex workers” for HIV intervention…"

- Kwanele Movement

Stand Against Legal Exploitation South Africa (“SALE!SA”) gives an unequivocal NO to the Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution in South Africa and raises several worrying issues that are ignored, deceptively portrayed, and obfuscated.

Pretoria, South Africa – SALE!SA is a collective, dedicated to eradicating Sexual Exploitation in South Africa (including Prostitution) and strongly opposes the South African Government’s efforts to Fully Decriminalise not only Prostitution, but a far wider ecosystem of abuse and violence (Read our Manifesto).

SALE!SA opposes the Full Decriminalisation of Prostitution, based on the lived experiences of Prostituted women, Prostituted Persons, Survivors of the System of Prostitution, and so-called ‘workers’ in the System of Prostitution, as confirmed by independent research evidence (Read our Analysis of the Bill).

We declare that Prostitution is violence against women and Prostituted Persons. We have united with various stakeholders - individuals, organisations and cultures - as well as poor and disadvantaged individuals who live in South Africa. We recognise that the faces of those bought, sold and exploited in the System of Prostitution, are predominantly women, as well as those of marginalised and vulnerable communities.

We consist of:


Survivors of the System of Prostitution



Anti-Trafficking in Persons



Key Role Players in our society


Civil Society Organisations working in diverse fields, ranging from law and policy work, to working on the ground to assist exploited individuals, and families, escape the exploitation of Prostitution



Researchers and Academics



And Other

SALE!SA Partners