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"When prohibitions are removed, sex trade and trafficking activity skyrocket, as do abuses against those being trafficked. Community-level harms and public outrage increase, while trafficking enforcement and victim assistance are undermined, and the stigma against victims of the sex trade remains intact."

- The Undeniable Failure of Permissive Approaches to Prostitution | Opinion (Newsweek, 10 January 2023)
Michael Shively and Stephany Powella

According to the South African Government, they want to implement FULL Decriminalisation for the following REASONS:

false 1 

Promotes the health of prostituted persons


REALITY: PARTIAL Decriminalisation promotes the health of prostituted persons, without increasing the demand for prostitution (and as such, the increase of people abused in the prostitution system). Its dangerous to sell sex, as each encounter has an increase of health risks. With Full Decriminalisation there will be more encounters, and as such this will INCREASE the health risks. With Partial, there will be fewer encounters, and as such, fewer risks. 

The more buyers, brothels, pimps and exploiters there are, the higher the number of dangers prostituted persons face (abuse, rape, diseases, murder etc). Yes, Decriminalisation of Prostitution removes the fear Prostituted Persons may have in regards to going to a clinic, however it will not necessarily change the mindsets & stigma they will still face from the medical staff. (See Reason 3)


 false 2

Promotes the safety of prostituted persons by removing barriers to reporting assaults to police


REALITY:  It may seem that they can now safely report their assaults, rapes and abuse to law enforcement, BUT just implementing a bill will not remove the corruption in many police offices. It will be the word of the prostituted person against the buyer, brothel-keeper, pimp, brothel and / or exploiter - where the "buyer" can easily "buy" the police's compliance. They can also then use the "excuse" that the prostituted person were paid for services rendered (they may even through money on a scene of an abuse or rape and say it was an transaction).

PARTIAL Decriminalisation however DO promote the safety of prostituted persons. They can report their abuse to law enforcement and the abuser, rapist, abuser, exploiter, buyer, brothel-keeper and / or pimp can be held accountable for their actions.


 false 3

Reduces abuses against those in the trade by destigmatising it


REALITY: FULL Decriminalisation will not remove the stigma many prostituted persons face daily. A Bill will not automatically change the way people see the system of prostitution & prostituted persons due to their culture, traditions and beliefs.

In fact, as there will be an increase of buyers with Full Decriminalisation, the sexist culture (which promotes commodification and de-valuation of people by turning them into products of servitude to a system built on Gender Inequality) will see an increase.

The only way to destigmatise the way people see prostituted persons is through EDUCATION. One of the focus points with PARTIAL Decriminalisation is to TRAIN, EDUCATE & PREVENT. And if the demand for prostituted services DECREASE, the sexist culture decreases.


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Frees up scarce police resources to focus on the more serious problem of sex trafficking


REALITY: It will hamper and diminish law enforcement’s ability to detect and investigate Trafficking in Persons (TIP). This will increase Sex Trafficking, which is already difficult to prosecute.

Traffickers will use the legal system to circumvent arrest and prosecution. There will be an increase in the number of parents seeing opportunity to rent/sell their children for fast money from international tourists, brothel-keepers, pimps and local sex buyers